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About TMG
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It takes many steps to make content come true and be optimally delivered to the viewer. Some producers find themselves dealing with many companies along the way in order to produce and deliver their content.

Taya Communications's subsidiaries make it all come together under one roof. Even as each subsidiary is a leader in its own field and can working independently in any production process providing full customer satisfaction, the combined industry experience, knowledge and insight of the entire TMG team create synergistic value to any project as a one-stop-state-of-the-art-shop.

When working together, the Taya Communications units complement and leverage each other in a most powerful way, providing the customer a comprehensive, accessible service in which he is secure in the knowledge that the job is being done and being duty right to the highest standards of creativity, innovation and professionalism.

The combined Taya Communications project team can take any concept and bring it without compromise to any screen, anywhere, any time. Whatever is needed in the entire production chain - studios, equipment, post-production, FX, 3D animation, 2D animation, Interactivity, Web, Mobile, Broadcast, Narrowcast, Data, Statistics - TMG delivers.

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