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In a world of electronic convergence, GooMe Interactive helps its partners attain a dominant position in the digital world by providing them a complete presence on all platforms using the latest, cutting-edge technologies. GooMe's products and solutions include: Interactive Games, Multi Player Servers, Interactive Advertising Solutions, Information Services, T-Commerce Solutions, iTV advertising Infrastructure, VOD&PVR Applications and much more.

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GooMe Interactive Products:

GooMe's Gaming Solutions include more than 50 game engines for every age group, interest and state of mind including: classic, action, puzzle and other genres of games. These games support Multi Playing between any devices and are compatible with most platforms available such as cable, DBS/DTH, IPTV, internet and cellular. They can support any business model, any payment option and full localization into any language.

SyncMe™ enables full synchronization and control of any interactive content over television broadcast. The broadcaster can synchronize any kind of content including additional interactive information with the live broadcast. SyncMe™ is ideal for enhanced TV (eTV) and for Interactive Advertising, where fully synchronized iTV advertising campaigns unite with the video feed to effectuate higher "stickiness".

GooBuy™ is a powerful Interactive Commerce platform for any communications device with two main applications for Virtual Shopping Channels and for T-Commerce triggered from advertisements.

GooMe's Solutions:

GooMe provides an end-to-end solution to its customers including system design, user interface design, and full development implementation of the solution. Applications successfully completed for its growing international client list include:

bulletUser Interface for IPTV
bulletAdvanced EPGs
bulletVOD Solutions for IPTV
bulletMedia Center TV Sites
bullet3G Cellular TV implementation.

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