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Primus is an award winning visual communications design firm, specializing in four major areas:
bullet Branding and broadcast design for television channels
bullet Services and creative solutions for the post production industry
bullet Production of animated products – movies and TV programs – through 2D division - Liquid animation
bullet Production of corporate image and training videos
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Primus success comes from having formed an intimate and nurturing creative environment for its team of inspired artists living their dreams constrained only by delivering on time and to the complete satisfaction of its clients. The Primus team includes top-level broadcast designers, 2D and 3D animators, directors, producers, video editors, special effects artists, copywriters and post-production composition artists.

The team accommodates every project, big or small, working closely and cooperatively with the client throughout the creative process while directly monitoring all phases from the concept to the final product.

Products are created using the most advanced video, compositing and animation platforms available.

Primus has achieved worldwide recognition, and has won numerous PROMAX and BDA awards.

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